Our Company

Abies Technology Inc. Head Office Photo Abies Technology Inc. is focusing on state-of-the-art microprocessor-based with embedded firmware/ software technology in applications of HVAC controls, homes and buildings field controls, and green control products. With more than 20 years of engineering and design experiences, we design and manufacture the quality and competitive control products that best fit customer specific requirements around the world.
Our teams are organized by the celebrity from different expertise. We love what we are doing and care what we can do for our customers and this environment. Trust every bit count it!

Our Vision

Promote happy and healthy environments for lives thru more savings, less waste, and necessary use.

Our Mission

Be a faithful partner in green control business.

Our Code

Integrity, sincerity, and environment-sensitive.

Our Business Services

We are experienced and professional in designing and manufacturing the following products:

Our Sites

Head Office
Including Design Center, Sales office, and Supply chain management office is located in New Taipei City, Taiwan.

Manufacture Sites

There are two manufacture sites located in Taiwan and PRC separately.
The manufacturing capacity includes 8 SMT and two DIP production lines can meet different production requirements.

Naming of Abies

Abies kawakamii is a species of conifer in the Pinaceae family specifically in Taiwan. They are widespread at the highest elevations in Taiwan, which is at an altitude of 2500-3700m. Abies forest constitutes the most beautiful scene on the highest mountain.