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New Released !! – BACnet Control Products

Date: 2023-09-21
Especially we have “ BTL B-ASC “ Certification!
And we are one of the members of BACnet International.

Now the all of thermostats, humidistats, transmitters,
and unitary controllers can be with BACnet function.

Product list~
a. BACnet + Programmable thermostats. PERFECT MATCH !!!
b. BACnet + On-Off, Modulating, Multi-stage and Floating thermostats.
c. BACnet + Humidistats and Transmitters.
d. BACnet Unitary Controllers.
e. BACnet + Our A, B, C & D different enclosures.

They satisfy your requirements of BACnet
compliance and budget.

Please kindly contact us for more details.
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