- Complete Configurable Control Parameters.
- AC 24V (CE Certified) / 110V / 230V +/-15% 50/60Hz.
- Advanced Proportional / Integral (PI) Control.


WDS093 Series - Wall Setter with Digital Display

․Operator Interface for connected
VCM/B500 series controllers
․Digital display of sensed zone temperature
and temperature setting and controller status
․Push button operation for setting
and commanding
․Built-in a NTC temperature sensor
․Graphical icon LCD display with
optional LCD backlight
․Using the modular cable for easy connection
to controller and trouble free installation
VCM/B500-Series Pressure Independent Integrated VAV Controllers Temperature Control with Optional WDS093 Wall Setter

․RS485 Modbus/RTU or BACnet MS/TP protocol
communication with baud rate and parity selections for
system integration
․With WDS093 Digital Wall Setter (optional)
․Adopt proportional plus integral (PI) control algorithm
․Provided floating (3-position) signal output to control an
damper actuator for cooling/heating control
․Provided 0(4) to 20 mA, 0(2) to 10 Vdc modulating,
on/off or floating (3-position) signal output for
cooling/heating control
․Selectable direct/reverse acting for 0(2) to 10 Vdc
modulating signal outputs
․Adjustable unoccupied setpoint for heating and cooling
mode control
․Selectable local (built-in WDS093) or remote temperature
sensor input
․Provided calibrating function for temperature sensor.
․Provide airflow volume display via WDS093 wall setter
․FAN control or remote control (RC) output for fanpowered
terminal units, lighting or interlocking on / off
control application
․Non-volatile memory (EEPROM) retains user settings
during power loss
․Control off output when the controller at “off/disable”